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This art piece is inspired by Hayden Herrera’s book Frida.
While I am a fan of the artist Frida Kahlo’s self portraits of
personal tragedies, love of life, pride in her Mexican culture and fashion I am most touched by her connection with her father, Guillermo Kahlo, a German-Mexican photographer.

Guillermo experienced seizures. Frida had polio as a child and was teased with the name peg-leg. The two were drawn close to each other bound by a shared experience of illness and loneliness.

“Many times when he went walking with his camera on his
shoulder and me by the hand, he would suddenly fall. I learned to help him during his attacks in the middle of the street.”
“My childhood was marvelous, because, although my father was a sick man he was an immense example to me of tenderness, of work and above all of understanding for all my problems.”

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