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About me

  My art process is creating through print-making and acrylic painting. I also do graphic design work for businesses and promotional events. I'm based in Phoenix, Az

  I create storytelling images in bold and vivid colors of life experiences, memories and cultural traditions that make me a proud mex-am-chic (Mexican-American-Chicana).

  After painting two tributes of my Father and Uncles with their acoustic guitars and of my Father-in-Law, a mariachi playing his violin, I realized how important it was to capture their talent and love for music for my kids, as part of their heritage.

  My creative work has been rooted in their talent since my early teenage years. My outlet was drawing and shading, chicas with big hair! I'm grateful for the stories and passion they shared through their music, it's inspired me to paint and share my own with you.

  Everyone has a story to share. Art puts it on record and keeps it alive.​ Let me know if you'd like me to paint yours.

  Thank you for reading my story and visiting my web site.


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Artwork by Veronica Verdugo-Lomeli All copy and image rights reserved by vvlarts 2024




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